Frequently Asked Questions

SportFin is a digital platform that helps community sport clubs automate social impact reporting by simply digitising their day-to-day activities, so they can raise funding better.

Our mission is to help community sport clubs harness the positive impacts they generate for individuals and communities towards securing their financial sustainability.

Sport Clubs

The SportFin platform can be used by sport clubs to manage their day-to-day activities, generate real-time social impact reports, and share these reports to funders to help them fundraise better.


Individuals can use the SportFin platform to discover sport clubs and activities near them, and manage and pay for their sport memberships and activities online.

Other Institutions

Other institutions such as Funders, Active Partnerships and Governing Bodies of Sport can create an institution account to track the social impacts of various sport clubs in real-time.

Your sport club can use the club management and social impact reporting software on the SportFin platform.

The club management software will allow you to manage your sport activities, membership, staff and your club’s income. It will also help individuals looking to join a sport club or participate in sport activities discover your club through our platform.

Our platform will also provide a social impact reporting tool, that will generate automatic and real-time reports about the impact your club is having on its community. You can then share these impact report to your funders/prospective funders, helping you raise funds for your club better.

Almost every public or charitable funding mechanism requires some sort of impact reporting mechanism so the funders can track the benefits their funding has helped generate.

Even crowdfunding and local community fundraising campaigns perform better when funders are regularly informed of the impacts their funding is helping generate.

Our market research with over 200 funders across the UK indicated that funders would be 50% more likely to fund a sport club, and would be willing to put in 3 times as much money, if they could track the impact their funding helps generate in real-time.

Step 1: Digitise Sport

SportFin users can request to create a sport club account on the platform, which will then provide access to software for club management (membership management and sales, sport activities scheduling, management and sales, and staff management). The club management software will also help sport clubs collect data about who is participating in what activities by simply checking-in participants and staff into activities that they participate in.

Step 2: Quantify Impacts

The sport data collected by sport clubs through the club management software is then analysed by our intelligent data analytics model, which correlates the data collected to social impacts that might have been generated, and auto-generates real-time social impact reports for the sport clubs.

Step 3: Raise Impact Funding

The real-time social impact reports can then be shared to funders and embedded on to club websites and crowdfunding pages – helping funders track the impact their funding is helping generate in real-time.

You can find more information on how the platform works by contacting us at

There will be no fees charged to them to gain access to the platform.

Our club management software and basic social impact reporting functionality is free to use for sport clubs. 

A payment processing fees (3.5% + 20p) will be charged on transactions processed through our platform.

We will only charge subscription fees if you upgrade to our ‘Pro Impact Reporter’ account, which will allow you to access advanced impact reporting features, to customise your impact reports and to embed these reports on to your website.