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Community Impact Score Framework

The SportFin impact analytics model, that drives the impact quantification on the platform, has been constructed using the SIMPLE impact measurement framework[1] and with a grounded base in aggregate complexity theory[2]. It takes input data across 25 organisational, activity and individual variables, and constant comparatively analyses the input data across 61 impact correlations per participant/volunteer. Further, an interdependence factor within the model accounts for the non-linearity of the impact system, giving weight to outcome relationships that can trigger emergent impact phenomenon.

The Community Impact Score (CIS) for a sport club is then generated by computing the magnitude of impact correlated to participants/volunteers of that specific sport club. Data on outcome variables shall be separately and periodically collected through the platform from participants and volunteers for validation of outcome relationships, identification of emergent outcome relationships, identification of positive feedback loop triggers and for training the SportFin impact analytics model – all working to increase the accuracy and reliability of our impact quantifications.

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